John Mataya In 60 Seconds...

A highly effective and strategic-thinking CFO and business leader, John brings with him more than 25 years of manufacturing, distribution, and service sector experience. Along with his comprehensive knowledge of financial, general management, and operational activities, he will bring the necessary focus to introduce and/or improve business processes and maximize an entrepreneur’s return on investment.

John lives with his family in Niagara, and in his spare time he can be found in the gym, touring on his motorcycle, or travelling with his wife.

Specialist Skills

Business Plans

Design, implementation and execution of short-, mid- and long-term business plans

Risk Management

Identify, assess and control financial, legal, and security risks to your organization

Budgeting & Forecasting

Create and implement budgeting and forecasting tools for business leaders

Cash Flow Improvement

Bring focus to ensure a proper cost structure is in place, resulting in a lean operation that improves cash flow

Operations: Manufacturing & Warehousing

Identify areas of non-value-added activities (waste) and help to improve throughput and efficiency in your operations

Track Record Highlights

  • Implemented an SAP ERP system that resulted in reduction of non-value add activities, improved processes and efficiencies which led to a permanent fixed cost savings of approx. $300k per annum
  • Secured $20M in funding for an expansion of manufacturing, warehousing and office space and completed the project in 1.5 years
  • Secured $7M in funding for manufacturing equipment and office technology
  • Reduced Bad Debt Write-offs within a 3-year period to approx. 2/10 of 1% on average $25M Accounts Receivable
  • Grew Sales per Associate from $400k to $700k plus over a 4-year time period
  • Implemented Fixed-Cost Reduction Programs that resulted in a 15% permanent annual decrease on a baseline of $25M in costs
  • Led an Operational Project Team that reduced Direct Labour Hours on manufactured product by 50% – 6-hour reduction overall – resulting in a Gross Profit increase of 35%

Sector Experience

  • Manufacturing: Advanced Manufacturing; Steel Fabrication & Welding; CNC Machining
  • Transportation & Logistics: Distribution, Warehousing
  • Construction Equipment: Off Road & On Road Heavy Equipment
  • Automotive: Welding equipment
  • Food and Packaging: (FMC) Fast-moving consumer goods

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