John Charbonneau In 60 Seconds...

John is a seasoned leader with excellent communication, learning, and time management skills and a track record of hiring and retaining highly skilled teams. As an experienced professional with a keen mathematical and analytical mind, he is adept at working in team, cross-functional, and individual environments. He has held executive roles at companies ranging from $30 to $500 million in sales, and his passion for startups extends to delving into every aspect of their operation. From strategic planning to daily execution, he immerses himself fully, and his expertise in selecting office locations, devising marketing strategies, and integrating ERP systems has been instrumental in the success of several startup ventures.

Specialist Skills

Strategic Thinker

Drives forward-looking initiatives with precision and foresight.


Guides teams with vision and unwavering resolve.

Supplier Relationships

Nurtures strategic alliances with finesse and reliability.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Creating the process, setting targets and monitoring to compliment achievement of business goals and enhance decision making.

Business Planning

Engineers success with strategic strategy and foresight.

Track Record Highlights

  • Raised start-up capital for Aluvis International Inc., facilitating the launch of a handheld device sanitation startup company.
  • Achieved 40% sales growth at Bellco Canada, capturing an 85% market share and establishing the company as a premier dialysis provider in Canada.
  • Drove sales growth for flagship brand products despite 25–30% premium pricing over competitors, enhancing brand reputation and market positioning.
  • Managed seamless office reorganization during the division/product line transition at Bellco Canada, ensuring uninterrupted operations.
  • Led the pivotal divestiture of Mylan's Dialysis business, driving strategic realignment and contributing significantly to the organization's overall success.

Sector Experience

  • Healthcare; Entrepreneurial; Start-up; Pharmaceutical; Medical Devices
  • Contract Manufacturing; Canada, US & China
  • Wholesale Distribution – Pharmaceutical
  • Real Estate – Commercial & Residential

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