Jim Trussler In 60 Seconds...

A 30+ year CFO in Halifax & Atlantic Canada leading 12 companies with full-stack experience across a range of industries. Jim is an entrepreneurial builder that has invested in and operated several startups from idea to commercialization and exit.

His career has included large companies of +1,000 employees and has raised growth capital in excess of $150 million. A steady hand, with a deep understanding of the numbers, he is widely known as an imaginative problem solver that sees things others miss and is not afraid to make difficult decisions when needed.

As a business advisor, he listens more than speaks, he is relentlessly optimistic and energetic and someone that persists through adversity.

With a reputation for honesty and confidentiality – he is the chairman of the CPA Nova Scotia discipline process; ensuring strong corporate governance because it makes companies profitable. And he was awarded title Fellow of CPA Nova Scotia for his achievements in the community and bringing honour to the profession.

Jim provides fractional CFO services in Halifax, Fredericton, Moncton, Saint John, Sydney, Yarmouth and virtual CFO consulting.

Specialist Skills

Capital Raising & Corporate Financing

In excess of $150 million debt & equity

Reporting, Financial Management & Controls

Corporate Tax, SRED, International tax

Cut effective average tax rates to 5% or less for Canadian multinationals

Mergers & Acquisitions

Over 54 acquisitions

Effective, Principled Negotiations

Track Record Highlights

  • Raised in excess of $150 million in equity and debt for rapid growth over 10-years.
  • Doubled group revenues from $45M to $90M through strategic internal growth and through external acquisitions, doubling the value of the company in 2-years.
  • Founding CEO of the for-profit consolidated ambulance system in Nova Scotia. In one year, raised over $50million, acquired 54 operating entities, consolidated 4 unionized staff groups, negotiated new contracts, built paramedic training facilities and grew a fleet of 70 new ambulances with fleet maintenance operations.
  • Cut effective average tax rates to 5% or less for Canadian multinationals by designing and implementing international tax structures.
  • Negotiated commercial trading agreements worldwide including Germany, Russia, Israel, India and Nigeria.
  • Helped 20 startup founders bring their ideas to commercial success through rigorous strategic planning, go-to-market expertise and leading the necessary capital funding rounds.
  • Successfully negotiated an $8 million business interruption insurance claim.

Sector Experience

  • Medical Technology Emergency Medicine Commercialization of startups, from laboratory concepts to product to venture fundraising
  • Deep Tech (3D Hardware, Precision Instrumentation, Li-ion Batteries, Energy As a Service EaaS, Scientific Platforms)
  • Insurance - Blue Cross plans & insured government medicare operations (Health Benefits/LTD)
  • Fisheries Seafood Processing
  • Construction
  • Renewable Energy
  • Private Equity

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