Gustavo Sosa In 60 Seconds...

Business solutions and results oriented trilingual executive with international exposure and acumen obtained in a diverse array of industries. Heightened communication skills in addition to solid experience providing strategic insight in improving profitability as well as creating sustainable growth. Demonstrated experience in companies going through organizational and cultural change.

Specialist Skills

Strategic Thinker

Leveraged experience to partner with founders & CEOs to achieve their objectives

Profit Improvement

Achieved better profits & valuation with companies where I collaborated.

Corporate Finance

Managed relations to obtain critical funding for projects and transitions.

M&A Specialist

Helped companies through due diligence, company integration and exit strategies


Raised the level of leaders by helping to focus on what is strategic & relevant

Track Record Highlights

  • Sales of 100% shares of companies to competitors, Private Equities and handling of the due diligence process. Exit strategies.
  • Re-structuring of the operations and processes of companies with substantial valuation and profitability increase.
  • Duplication in 2 years of Adjusted EBITDA with significant debt reduction.
  • Negotiation of 300M Structured Finance facility.|Change of companies "Go to Market" strategy.

Sector Experience

  • banking-financial-services Commercial & Investment Banking
  • technology-media-telecoms
  • government-defence Military Navigation systems
  • construction Generators & HVAC
  • manufacturing-transport-logistics Airplane interiors
  • services Air Charter
  • manufacturing-transport-logistics Petrochemicals

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