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I work with clients in different industries and at different points in their growth journey. Every client’s needs are a bit different, but we normally focus on strong reporting, budgeting, strategic planning, cash management, the banking relationship, and analysis of costs and profitability. My goal is to be a critical part of the management team and drive the business forward towards its goals.

Specialist Skills

Business Planning

Cash flow Improvement

Profit Improvement

ERP System Implementation

Management Support and Analysis

Track Record Highlights

  • 30 years in financial management. 11 years as a CFO in industries like manufacturing, transportation, construction, retail, services, home building, distribution, etc.

Sector Experience

  • manufacturing, transportation, logistics
  • retail, consumer products
  • construction, real estate
  • hospitality-tourism
  • industrial services
  • agriculture/farming, food & beverage
  • High Tech

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