Domenick Bartuccio In 60 Seconds...

An experienced and highly ethical senior financial executive, CPA & CA, Domenick Bartuccio has been a CFO for 7 years working with several companies across North America, Europe and Asia. 

He has spent a significant part of his career in restructuring, M&A and capital raising. He has considerable sector experience in real estate, manufacturing, retail, and tech, with a specialization in helping build start-up operations. In his spare time, you’ll find him either in a wine cellar or on a gym mat. 

One of the accomplishments Domenick is most proud of, is creating well over $1bn in value for his clients by focusing on process improvements, efficiencies and targeted investing before he ever considers cutting staff, cost reductions of fire sales.

Community Involvement

Judge, Commerce Games, Concordia University  

Specialist Skills

Capital Raising

$500M debt & equity career total

ERP Implementation

NetSuite & Microsoft Dynamics Implementation

Advanced Data Analytics Implementation

Bankruptcy Process

CCAA/Chapter 11 Experience


Operational improvements leading to $1B in value creation

Track Record Highlights

  • A 15% improvement in EBITDA margins in 8-months by leading transition from Google spreadsheets managing 1,000 SKUs to ERP system allowing company to manage growth, make better, faster decisions
  • Raised $100M in debt & equity in a series C fundraising round in 4-months.
  • Lead a $1.2B spin-off / divestiture, assisted in the go to market strategy and sale negotiation.
  • Improved gross margins 40% by implementing new higher revenue, lower cost service offering.
  • Restructured $250m in debt, reorganized struggling company from retail to design & brand and led to exit from Chapter 11 to a major brand - in 1-year.

Sector Experience

  • Manufacturing
  • Technology: E-commerce, Artificial Intelligence AI
  • Real estate Development
  • Industrial Development
  • Retail
  • Startup

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