Christina Bianco In 60 Seconds...

With over 25 years of professional accounting experience, Christine’s passion is to help organizations achieve their most ambitious goals. The diversity of her experience has afforded her the vantage point of supporting both large, multi-national companies and smaller, fast-growing local operations, as well as private versus public company and family office structures. Christine’s roles have led her to not only oversee efficient finance teams with robust business process controls but also to assist in turning around distressed operations, facilitate strategic M&A and divestiture activities, and moderate strategic business plans for future success. Her board work has also given her a keen appreciation for governance in organizations, as chair of the audit committee for a TSXV-listed company. Christine is also keen to volunteer her time to the board and finance committees of a not-for-profit independent school, in addition to mentoring founders as they embark on their exciting start-up ventures.

Specialist Skills

M&A Specialist

Acquired Software Company, Horse Racetracks, Divested TV Network, Casino JVs

Profit Improvement

Successfully Turned Around a Multi-Jurisdictional Business From Loss To Profit

Cash flow Improvement

Instituted Cashflow Forecasting Across 7 Divisions Where None Existed Before

Strategic Thinker

Moderated 3 Offsite Strategic Planning Sessions as CFO

People Manager

Led Hundreds of Analysts in Multi Global Centre of Excellence Locations

Track Record Highlights

  • A turn around success story where previously reported losses turned into over $60M in EBITDA resulting from strategies of M&A, cost cuts and revenue growth over a 3-5 year period.
  • A $10M cost reduction strategy was implemented whereby non-labour costs by third party vendors were analyzed and negotiated for higher volume at lower costs to improve gross margin.
  • Achieved the prestigious recognition of "Best People Leadership" awarded to finance executive leaders who obtained the highest level of feedback from staff members on their coaching skills.
  • During my volunteer board work/chair of the finance committee of a NFP independent private school, I was key to successfully advancing a significant capital project school expansion campaign ($30+M).
  • Provided financial leadership to various start up companies in their ambition to launch their businesses in exciting new areas of technology, securing interest by both private and public funding/investors.

Sector Experience

  • hospitality & tourism: Horse racing & events
  • sport-recreation: esports & venues
  • sport-recreation: Online wagering
  • technology, media & telecoms: Software hardware
  • not-for-profit: Independent school
  • banking & financial-services: Fintech startups
  • Professional services

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