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As an experienced CEO and CFO, having worked in the private, public, and non-profit sectors, Bob is a leader who is results-oriented and enjoys working with people and organizations, helping them to identify and achieve their goals. Bob was CEO of a complex crown corporation for over a decade (~$500 million in annual revenue), Chair of the Audit Committee of a company that generated over $1 billion in annual revenue, and on the Board of an organization whose brands accounted for about $5 billion in annual revenue. He’s also worked with founders and early-stage companies as a mentor, a co-founder, and a fractional CFO. He is skilled in achieving desired results through others, using his energy, optimism, and discipline to affect the potential of others while tightening up their commitment through accountability. Bob is a curious and continuous learner, with multiple designations because learning is fun, and has said that his real business education came from working for 12 years with one of Canada’s most successful entrepreneurial family businesses and also being a TEC CEO member for 7 years.

Bob delights in working with a stellar team of CFOs in Atlantic Canada who have a breadth of experience and are able to provide CFO services to organizations of all sizes and industries.

Specialist Skills

Executive Coaching

Executive leader and a TEC Chair

Strategic Thinker

Known for strategic planning and guiding a complex business enterprise forward

Business Planning

Skilled at generating business plans

Managing Risk

Chaired Audit Committee of complex organization for 8 years

Raising Funds

Assisted startups and non-profits raise $millions in operating and capital funds

Track Record Highlights

  • Exceeded revenue and profit targets during my 12-year tenure as CEO
  • Consistently high employee engagement and business partner engagement scores
  • Audit Committee Chair of $1B company, 8 years
  • Co-founder of an innovative startup
  • Founder of Nova Scotia's first residential hospice

Sector Experience

  • Government-Defence: Crown Corporations / Publicly Accountable Enterprises
  • Government-Defence: Gaming
  • Healthcare: Non-Profit; Hospice
  • Technology-Media-Telecoms:Start Ups
  • Retail-Consumer-Products: Gaming and Entertainment

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