The CFO’s Recession Roadmap

10 Point Plan to Thrive During a Recession

We have helped thousands of entrepreneurs over the course of the last six recessions, spanning six decades, to successfully navigate recessions and emerge stronger, leaner and more profitable… Let us support you too.
The CFO Centre Recession RoadMap Canada

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The CFO Centre Canada Recession RoadMap

Question: “When is the best time to create a Recession Roadmap?”

Answer: “In advance of the time you may need to use it.”

What we’ll cover on the call…

01. Leading from the front

The importance of taking a proactive, strong position with your team and customers. You can’t change external economic circumstances, but you can change the way you show up.

02. Focus on your core business/strengths

Staying focussed on your core business will improve effciency, productivity and proftability while funneling the energy of your team in the same direction.

03. Reviewing your exposure to risk

Review your greatest risks, including the risk associated with a failure to invest and take bold action

04. Review your budget

Have you considered the potential impact of reduced sales and increased costs on your budget?

05. Cash is king: liquidity

What are the potential risks on both the supply side and demand side of your business that could drain your cash reserves quickly?

06. Funding requirements?

Have you assessed your requirement and eligibility for funding?

07. Inflation management

Have you reviewed the impact of inflation/rising costs across the supply chain?

08. Scenario planning

Have you considered multiple potential scenarios for an economic downturn and created a financial model for each?

09. Comms plan

Do you have a comms plan in place to inform all stakeholders of any changes to your usual plan?

10. Upskill your team

Have you considered a plan to upskill your team to instil confidence in your positioning and maintain a competitive edge?