Tony Williams Williams Designer Homes

Speaker: Tony Williams, Director, Williams Designer Homes
Tony Williams: I want to thank Elechia Jones for all her support, she’s offered us here at Williams Designer Homes and all of my team. She’s been nothing but fantastic throughout her time here, and we really, really appreciate everything she’s done for us.

Were there any untapped opportunities you were facing before we started working with you?

Tony Williams: Before Elechia from The CFO Centre came on board we were only utilising about 10% of our project management software, Build A Trend, now we are utilising about 80-85%. Thanks Elechia for all your support. We are constantly improving our systems.

What have been the benefits to the business?

Tony Williams: Elechia has benefited our business by making us more efficient in every facet. We conduct monthly meetings, keep an eye on KPIs and P&L’s and make sure we are hitting our targets.

What have been the benefits to you personally?

Tony Williams: I have personally benefited from having Elechia, here. I have more confidence to lead my team in a more productive way. By laying down firm boundaries, your team knows where you are on any situation.

What is the number that really matters to you?

Tony Williams: The number that really matters to me is 18. This is the number of employees that Williams Designer Homes has. This is grown by six since Elechia’s arrival and these are the people that are responsible for delivering high quality projects.