Paul Bollen East Coast Law

Speaker: Paul Bollen, Owner, East Coast Law

What would you like to say to your CFO?

Paul Bollen: I just want to say a big thank you to Robert Lojszczyk of the CFO Centre. Robert has been part of our business as our CFO, for almost five years now. There’s been a great support in helping us determine our cash flow and improve profitability.

What one or two big issues/untapped opportunities were you facing before we started working with you?

Paul Bollen: The big issue we were facing when the CFO Centre, in particular Robert, became part of our business was that the business was somewhat cumbersome and overstaffed, which was impacting on our profitability, which we were able to address with the CFO Centre and streamline our business, and take advantage of better opportunities as they arose.

What have been the benefits to the business specifically?

Paul Bollen: The benefits to our business specifically have been our improved profitability, a more streamlined operation, which has allowed us to react to the marketplace and take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

What have the benefits been to you personally?

Paul Bollen: The benefits of having the CFO Centre as part of our business for me personally, have been having the comfort and knowledge of an experienced CFO working side by side with me in the management of the business, determining what are the best outcomes for the future.

What is the number that really matters to you and Why?

Paul Bollen: Over the next 12 to 24 months I have to work with Robert closely on my succession plan for the business and also achieving greater time for me personally away from the business. I’m sure with Robert’s input we’ll be able to achieve that in a very short time.