Richard Seet In 60 Seconds

I am a qualified Accountant and Finance professional with Information Systems qualification with many years working experience in large Multi-National enterprise, mid-tier organisation to small locally based businesses. The level of experience and expertise that I have is gained through the years allows me to share my knowledge to assist my clients to achieve their business and financial goals.

Specialist Skills

Banking Relationship

High Level dealings with banks and financial services group

Business Planning

Restructure and merger of operating and business structures

Budgeting & Forecasting

Whole of business planning and cash flow and budget management

Cash flow Improvement

Realise cash flow improvements and reduction in costs to improve cash available

Profit Improvement

Business planning and implementation to increase sales and reduce cost base

Track Record Highlights

  • Business Mergers and Acquisition for Mining and Services sector. Whole of business systems implementation. Due Diligence process and recommendation. Empowering of staff and personnel to achieve goals.

Sector Experience

  • engineering Director at JFK Engineering- manufacture of ball mills and steel fabrication for
  • manufacturing-transport-logistics Manage Procurement and Storage for Mining Stores and Emergency Spares
  • mining-resources-energy Roles in Accounting and Finance for Mining Services and Mining Operations

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