Elizabeth Chee - CFO - New South Wales - The CFO Centre

Elizabeth Chee In 60 Seconds

Experienced CFO who works with entrepreneurs to develop their business. Prior to joining the CFO centre, I have been CFO in the retail & consumer industry in Asia Pacific, helping scale up the businesses and uplifting operational efficiency, thereby improving bottom line and cashflow.

Specialist Skills

Business Planning

Provide top level business plans and detailed budgets

Cash flow Improvement

Shorten cash cycle, leverage payables to finance receivables & inventory


Provide vision and direction, inspire and nurture the team

Profit Improvement

Improve gross margin, optimize operating costs

Systems and Controls

System implementation, design and implement robust processes and controls

Track Record Highlights

  • Took over the business from a third-party distributor in China, set up the back office team and operations, thereby setting the stage for the company's exponential business growth
  • Scaled up business operations and implemented robust processes to support a business which grew 13 fold in 18 years
  • Implemented ERP system and processes to support the fast growing and dynamic business in APAC within a short time frame
  • Improved bottom line with gross margin improvement and optimizing operating costs, coupled with strategic negotiation with vendors
  • Improved cashflow through shortening cash cycle and strong working capital management

Sector Experience

  • Retail-consumer-products

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