“I have far more flexibility with my time and a better work-life balance.”

Kate Wright, portfolio FD at the FD Centre
(part of The CFO Centre Group)

Kate Wright, previously worked as Head of Finance and Operations for a NASDAQ-listed company, but moved to a more flexible role as a portfolio FD, later-on joining the FD Centre, the largest provider of part-time FDs in the UK.

She was wanted to leave the corporate world, to work with Entrepreneurs and was willing to take a pay cut to do so.  However, she’s been pleasantly surprised with the remuneration.

“Although part-time FDs aren’t eligible for bonuses or equity, they are well-paid for the work they do.”

The benefits far outweigh the negatives as Kate carefully structures her time.

“You do have to be very organised and very focused. I quite often spend half a day with one company and half a day with another. It’s very important to make every client feel as if they are the most important.”

Being a part-time FD enables Kate to earn well whilst maintaining control over her diary.

“It’s a long way towards the holy grail of work life balance. I feel it’s the future.”

We think so too.

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