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"Profit is what happens when you do everything else right"

Our superstar FDs & CFOs can work part-time – remotely or at your premises – to help you increase cash, profit, and valuation, freeing you from the burden of day-to-day operations.

Cash flow is just one of the 12 building blocks of a world class finance function.

We’ll help you drive profit through close analysis of the underlying numbers. Here are some pointers for starters:
  1. Start with your WHY

    What is your reason for being in business beyond making a profit? This will fire the engine and ultimately ensure you generate greater profits.
  2. Pricing

    Increase (or potentially decrease) your pricing. Small changes can make big differences: on average, a 1% price increase yields an 11% increase in profit.
  3. Reducing costs

    Reduce costs and implement a company-wide expense controls programme.
  4. Improving payment collection

    Improve and automate payment collection.
  5. Measurement/KPIs

    What you measure, moves. Deep dive into trends, build intelligent KPIs and focus on what really matters.
  6. Supplier management

    Manage suppliers tightly and look for bulk-buying opportunities, consolidation of costs and discounts.
  7. Lending facilities

    Review lending facilities with the bank. A well-managed finance function will engender trust from the bank and give you greater leverage for improved facilities.
  8. Grants

    Investigate all possible opportunities for grant funding.
  9. R&D tax credits

    Explore options for R&D tax credits.
  10. Optimisation

    Optimise all working parts of your finance function – ‘The 12 Boxes’ – to improve efficiency and productivity and increase your output.
  11. Improved proposition

    Tighten up your value proposition to increase your conversion rate; reduce the cost of new customer acquisition.
  12. Customer retention

    Customer retention is just as important (if not more so) than new customer acquisition. Focus on achieving a healthy balance between the two.
  13. Outsourcing

    Investigate opportunities for outsourcing for reduced costs, increased flexibility and improved access to skills.

It’s not just about profit…

To scale fast, increase valuation and escape the routine of day-to-day operations you need to consider each of the 12 building blocks of a world class finance function. These include:

What next?

Let us take ownership of your finance function so you can spend your time doing what you really want to do...

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