Tarun Gupta – Boult Audio

Speaker: Tarun Gupta, Founder/CEO, Boult Audio

What would like to say to your CFO?

Tarun Gupta: Hey guys, I wanna thank Akhilesh for being a great support to our company, Boult Audio. He’s been with us for about six months and, he’s been very, very helpful in every way.

What one or two big issues/untapped opportunities were you facing before we started working with you?

Tarun Gupta: So, Akhilesh has helped us a lot in setting up SOPs in our financial department. Before he came in We did not really have a SOP So you know people were doing you know, things all over the place. So since he came in he implemented those SOPs, which has really helped us streamline all our processes. Things are going a lot smoother, you know, as far as any of our accountants are making a lot less mistakes compared to what they used to, just because you know, they follow a strict SOP as created by Akhilesh. So, which has been very helpful to us. On top of that he’s helped us create a monthly management account, which gives me insight on how we have done in the previous month, gives me a full, you know, balance sheet for the prior month. This way I can take my decisions, you know, how we have done in the past and what we should be doing currently and for the future. So this has been very, very insightful…activity for me personally into the business, which has helped me growing the business in the future.

What have been the benefits the business specifically?

Tarun Gupta: So Akhilesh has helped me save a lot of my personal time. Before he came in I used to spend a lot of my personal time looking into each and every aspect of finance, but he’s given me a lot of confidence where I have handed over a lot of things to him. So he’s taken a lot of burden off my shoulders. And then, you know, he started taking care of the entire finance function end-to-end. So even though he’s not a full time CFO – he’s a virtual CFO but he acts more like a full-time CFO for us.

What have the benefits been to you personally?

Tarun Gupta: So another thing that he’s helped on is with setting up our team and the team hierarchy. He’s helped us big time in hiring in all different areas of finance. Like we’ve hired a senior manager in finance, we’ve hired like junior accountants, mid level accountants. So he’s helped it, helped us to hire all throughout the hierarchy. He himself looks at all the CVs and you know, he helps to shortlist the CVs and helps in the interview process, and even in part…partly in the negotiation as well, you know, when it comes to compensation for new upcoming employees.

What would you say to others considering taking on a part-time FD/CFO?

Tarun Gupta: I would highly recommend the service of CFO Centre and Akhilesh himself to someone who has a mid-level company, you know, and who maybe cannot look to hire a full-time CFO at this point. His services and like the services of CFO Centre are great, very valuable to a company, especially to me. So I’m sure you will also find very helpful, you know, to your company. So I would highly recommend it.