Nishan Suvarna – Bluestream

Speaker: Nishan Suvarna, CEO, Bluestream

What would you like to say to your CFO?

Nishan Suvarna: Well, first and foremost, thank you Mr Rajangam and Raj for giving me this opportunity to express my gratitude for being associated with CFO Centre. It’s been quite a journey over the last year or so, and we don’t think they would have been a better partner on the accounting financial side of things to help us through this. So, thank you.

What problems were you facing before we started working with you?

Nishan Suvarna: The main problems, obviously with the lack of transparency in the accounting, financial side of of the business further accelerated by the COVID situation where things could change in a matter of hours, not days or weeks. And that level of visibility on, especially on the cash flow, was vital at this situation.

What have been the benefits to the business specifically?

Nishan Suvarna: Once you’re able to diagnose the accounting, financial health of the company, you’re able to decide what kind of runway you have in front of you. And during the COVID scenario, it was more about maintaining the status-quo and then deciding carefully which bets to take and which bets to hedge against mitigate risk in the overall perspective. And that’s been the key input from The CFO Centre for us.

How has our support benefitted you personally?

Nishan Suvarna: Mr Rajangam’s continuous efforts to go beyond just how much is required to help us and guide us and his personal vested interest in guiding us through the COVID situation. And I have an immense sense of gratitude for him as well as Raj on that and I think that’s made the overarching difference for us primarily because not just helping us streamline the accounting and financial side of things, but also deep diving into some of the other problems we had to face as we wrapped up and pivoted from being a trading firm to manufacturing firm. And the guidance has been in other ways as well. I’ve also read Scale Up, the book by the founder of CFO Centre and found it heartening to see that the trials and tribulations of self doubt that we face on an everyday basis are actually shared across the globe by a multitude of individuals, leading organisations. So bringing that level of perspective and guidance to us. I think that’s what been very useful on the personal front.