Harsh Kedia – Auburn Digital Solutions Pvt Ltd

Speakers: Harsh Kedia, Co Founder, Auburn Digital Solutions Pvt Ltd

What would you like to say to your CFO?

Harsh Kedia: Yeah. So, I would like this CFO actually to help us out with managing the nitty-gritties uh, which are much related to finance, in fact, before he joined on board, uh, we used to think that receivables and payables are the only responsibility of which any finances required compliances are there etcetera. But the deep level understanding which Rajiv has brought in, um, and with the network, you guys have helped us. I think that’s, that’s really helpful for us. And it’s also helping us manage a lot of uh, nuances in terms of compliances, uh, when even before we uh, end up making a mistake, uh, Rajiv or his team members are able to tell us like where we can correct it, how we can correct it and like, Yeah, thank you. Thanks, Rajiv..

What problems were you facing before we started working with you?

Harsh Kedia: so I will not say that we were facing any typical problem as such before getting CFO Centre on board but there was, there was this hinge of weaving a certain amount of company with a kind of turnover we are managing And uh even if we are committing a mistake by .1% which which we can probably except by human error or something, that .1% is a huge revenue loss to the company. Uh so the major challenge why we started looking for CFO Centre was, one, to uh work on the revenue leakages and to see where we are going wrong. Also with the size of company growing, we realized that there are a lot of compliance related issues which we are not following uh strictly, we are not adhering to those things strictly and with the kind of turnover it’s growing, we would definitely need someone who has hands on uh knowledge with the entire end-to-end financial matter. Our accounts team is great but uh definitely the kind of knowledge Rajiv uh got us is very different from uh what our accounts team would have brought in. So that’s one thing and uh one challenge which which I believe uh we were struggling with could be in terms of answers to a lot of our questions where in uh sporadically while we are running the campaign there are a lot of questions which which are there which which our internal finance team is not able to manage. Our auditors are not able to manage and with CFO Centre coming into picture those challenges have been taken care so any any ad hoc questions in terms of India-related or in terms of international operations, etcetera. I think there is a lot of support what you have got from you guys.

What have been the benefits to the business specifically?

Harsh Kedia: So, specifically if I tell you what benefit we got the CFO Centre coming into our picture one like I said earlier, there are a lot of issues which were struggling with international clients with international compliance and uh financial related, your uh finance-related legal hassles for finance-related recoveries. In fact from the client. Uh all those questions all those queries have been very strategically solved with the help of CFO Centre. We also got quite a good amount of support in terms of managing our books, our revenue leakages. Uh Now we check M. I. S. On a monthly basis. Now we know where exactly our business is going. Earlier we used to take care of business once in uh like uh six months or a year I would say rather. But now we at least have a hand holding on a regular basis. So now finance has become like more like an operations – another operation for the company. Earlier financial more like yes it’s being done because it has to be done. Whereas right now it’s more like a process what we’re following. Also like I said, uh any query any any uh compliance any issues between this internationally. We always used to think that how to solve it and Google was the only respite for for the end resolution or maybe see maybe say some uh friends and family people in the industry. But now with the thanks to with the CFO Centre we have a legit person onboard whom we can ask our questions

How has our support benefitted you personally?

Harsh Kedia: so personally speaking, uh in terms of the benefits that we have received with CFO Centre coming on board uh now we are not involved day in day out with our finance uh though uh we are a small firm we are quite an SME kind of firm, so we have to be involved, we, we like control in our hands but as an, in terms of uh the larger additions were in more now in terms of the smaller nuances in terms of smaller or day to day operations MIS, cash flow, how much money is there in the bank account, what kind of investment should we be doing? Uh if, if there is any uh issues in terms of GST etcetera that all that thing has been taken care of uh strategically. So with this kind of support, definitely when we are away, when we are on vacation, we don’t have to be on calls with finance when we are, when we are with family…Earlier, I used to get like at least uh two or three calls late in the evening from our plans team – Hey, this has happened, how to get, it is, all of this is uh so all those things have been resolved completely. Now, what we get benefit in terms of personal space now is that we are able to spend some time with our family without being hassled without being bothered about the financial operation. Uh we know that there is someone who is taking care of it and we at least have a respite that there is someone educated enough or knowledgeable enough who is taking care of it in a very systematic manner, which even we couldn’t have done. So that’s the benefit definitely we got personally, and other than that the knowledge-gain what we have got as an entrepreneur, we always seek to learn and we always seek to understand that how a particular operation is done. So the kind of knowledge we have got with CFO Centre coming on board, uh it’s it’s beyond beyond belief. So what we see that there are a lot of benefits we get in terms of uh, how to manage business internationally, how do things do so that that knowledge pieces something which is very, very uh commendable.