Paul O’Mahoney – ReThink Academy

Brian was the fourth attempt that we’ve had at having a fractional CFO built into our company. Actually starting to lose faith in the whole idea of a fractional CFO until Brian came along and honestly transformational would not be an exaggeration in terms of the impact that he’s had. He’s been absolutely fantastic.

He immediately got stuck in any amount of time that we needed, he was available at any meeting time that was already scheduled, and he made sure he could come so incredibly flexible in those terms. Was able to adapt to our own style, management style very quickly, got to know all of the leadership team, and always comes with and came with, you know, great insights uh some of the basics like just cash flow projections, monthly reviews, all of this kind of things that I’ve been asking for a year and a half, you know, finally came to pass very very shortly after Brian got involved his finance team, love him, he’s exactly what they were looking for and more because not only does he help with the accounting side, also the business strategic side but also tax V.A.T.

The global tax implications that we have because of the kind of global company and organization that we are. We’ve been able to make some very clever strategic shifts in terms of of how we position ourselves as a company and what that means in terms of V.A.T. implications which Brian was very much to the forefront in leading up for us and getting the type of advice that we needed. And Brian has been able to very quickly get his feet under the table there and get the data that we needed to move those undertakings and interactions along very very quickly.