Mike Barnes In 60 Seconds

A forward-looking CFO with 20+ years’ experience collaborating with stakeholders & entrepreneurs to deliver scalable, profitable growth. I use the knowledge I acquired in large blue-chip companies like Microsoft & Amazon where I managed complex businesses at regional and global levels to enable businesses of all sizes reach their potential.

Specialist Skills

Profit Improvement

20+ yrs. enabling businesses to scale profitably.

Strategic Thinker

Forward looking CFO that places emphasis on planning for success.


A transformational leader continually looking for opportunities to improve.

Executive Coaching

Executive coach (mbit) who enables teams to reach their potential.

Business Planning

I help business design, operationalise and deliver their long term objectives.

Track Record Highlights

  • Moved finance operations for 100+ countries to a centralised model and transformed and modernised the lead to order process using modern tools such as RPA.
  • Reduced the operating costs for a large blue-chip by 30%.
  • Developed the strategy, north stars, KPI/OKRs and all other budgets & finance plans for Microsoft operations.
  • I have built numerous functions/businesses from the ground up. I focus relentlessly on the development of people as I believe that, in every instance, a cohesive team will develop a better solution.
  • Recently increased cash position of an SME by 220% and added 6% to their bottom line (in perpetuity) by introducing controls ensuring revenue was recorded and reported correctly.

Sector Experience

  • Technology, Media & Telecoms: Cloud Computing, Services, Supply Chain, operations finance, BPO.
  • Retail & Consumer Products: Online retail and fulfilment
  • Services: Professional services, support services, customer support, consultancy services
  • Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics: Computer hardware, furniture, FMCG (food), conveyors, electrical components
  • Hospitality & Tourism: Hotel group
  • Human Resources & Recruitment: Recruitment consultancy, labour hire

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