John Desmond In 60 Seconds

Experienced MD/CFO who works with entrepeneurs to develop their businesses and help them achieve their goals. Before running my own property and consulting businesses I was MD of a large property group with operations in Ireland, UK and USA. Previously I held senior roles in lending, finance and internal audit within 3 major Banks.

Specialist Skills

Budgeting & Forecasting

Within banking and industry I have been heavily involved in building and monitoring budgets and forecasts.

Managing Risk

I have deep knowledge of risk from external and internal audit roles as well as many years in lending and investing.

People Manager

I have managed small and large teams both in a company and within outsourced professional teams and have extensive experience recruiting for financial roles.

Banking Relationship

I have managed banking relationships as a banker, as MD of borrowing companies and as adviser to borrowers including those with distressed debt.

Strategic Thinker

Extensive involvement over my career in developing and implementing strategy for my own and other people's businesses.

Track Record Highlights

  • Managed all finance aspects of Irish bank enabling 50% balance sheet increase within existing headcount of the finance division.
  • Doubled size of property group while negotiating release of part of owners equity and ring fencing part of balance of their equity.
  • Developed and implemented new strategy to enable Bank to develop significantly wider network of business introducers resulting in major increase in new business.
  • Managed financing, acquisition and development of student accommodation opportunities resulting in significant returns on equity.
  • Negotiated multiple debt restructurings most recently providing the Borrower with a write off of 95% of personal guarantee.

Sector Experience

  • banking-financial-services
  • property-real-estate
  • technology-media-telecoms

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