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Regional Director Opportunities with

The FD & CFO Centre South Africa

East Rand Region and West Rand Region


Our Regional Sales Directors are responsible for leading a team of talented CFO’s who are passionate about helping ambitious R20 Million to R1.0 Billion businesses climb their Everest. Like climbing those big mountains, you’ll need to have ambition, energy, and be a self-starter with a ‘can do’ attitude who loves to help others. Remuneration is performance based.

With the mindset of an MD, you’ll thrive on the challenge and autonomy of building and growing a high potential region, whilst loving being part of a larger team across South Africa and the World. We have big dreams, and we expect you to have the same.

Of course, you come with a strong understanding of business strategy, and a track record of success, whilst building genuine long-lasting relationships with your clients. Part advisor, part strategist, part friend. Your clients will say “this person and CFO Centre are in it with me for the long-term, and I know they really care”.

You’ll work closely with Rowan De Klerk – CEO and Hylton Surat – Senior Regional Director Gauteng.

You’ll be a local, in the region, with a great network and a ‘black book’ of outstanding individuals and businesses in the region, who’s interested in this opportunity for the right reasons.

You’ll love sales, love finding leads, love your clients, and love the hunt! A great listener, and even better at asking great questions, you’ll wake up every day and think “how do I add value and do something special for my clients today?”

Who are we?

We are 650 people, in 5 continents, across 17 countries, operating in 10 Regions in South Africa with 70+ CFOs. The CFO Centre was started to change the game for mid-tier and larger business needing strong commercial and strategic CFO insight!

You’ll join a collective of former CEOs, Executives, CFOs, and successful business owners who count themselves as top of the game, and who’ve experienced success in their former lives. With a laptop and a phone, we are the Avengers team of the financial strategy world, bringing together thousands of years of collective experience to supercharge our clients’ businesses.

We are a movement of people that left ‘corporate’ seeking a freedom-based lifestyle. This isn’t about retiring or kicking back drinking pina coladas on a beach in Thailand. It’s about doing something purposeful and being the captain of your own ship. Freedom is loving what you do, not working less.

What do we do?

We define and deliver the numbers that really matter. What does that mean? Well anyone can come up with numbers, we help our clients find the ones that really make a difference, not only to their business, but to their lives, and help deliver them! Whether that’s growth, acquisition, consolidation, or setting them up for the lifestyle they’ve always wanted.

See what some of our clients have to say about us.

We are the Global Market Leader in Part-time & Contract Chief Finance Officer Services to mid-sized and corporate businesses.

We want to continue to change the game, and we are looking for a game changer to join us.

If you’re CA(SA) or equivalent, apply now if this sounds like you!