Regional Director Opportunities

Jhb West Rand   |  Pretoria 

The CFO Centre offers Financial Leadership Services to Mid-size and Corporate businesses with annual turnovers from R20 million to several billion. We provide high calibre, outsourced Chief Financial Officers and Finance Managers on a fractional or contract basis. As Regional Director, your responsibilities would involve leading and coaching a Team of CFOs and FMs. The goal is to help our clients achieve their aspirations and move closer to their vision, you’re expected to bring sound leadership, energy, and a proactive attitude to the role.

Key aspects of the role:

Leadership and Coaching:  You would lead and coach a team of CFOs and FMs, guiding them in providing financial leadership support to clients. Your ability to motivate, inspire, and develop your team will be crucial to their success.

Business Strategy and Growth:  You’ll be responsible for building and growing a high-potential region. This requires a CEO-like mindset where you drive strategic objectives and contribute to the overall growth of the company.

Collaboration: You’ll work closely with the Founder & CEO, Rowan De Klerk, as well as the Company’s Leadership Team. Strong collaboration and effective communication with colleagues across South Africa and globally is essential for success.

Relationship Building:  Building strong and lasting relationships with your Team and Clients is a significant aspect of the role. You’ll act as an advisor, sounding board, and even friend to your colleagues and clients, ensuring they feel supported for the long term.

Network Building and Sales:  A strong local network and exceptional sales and negotiation skills are crucial. You’ll be expected to find leads, engage with potential clients, and convert them into long-term partnerships.

Client-Centric Approach:  A key focus is on adding value to clients personally, as well their businesses. This involves active listening, asking insightful questions, and finding ways to add significant value, making a positive impact in their lives and organizations for the long-term.

Alignment with Company Values:  The CFO Centre values freedom-based lifestyles and a purposeful approach to work. The emphasis is on doing meaningful work and being the master of your own destiny.

Financial Leadership:  A strong understanding of business strategy and financial leadership, typically with a Chartered Accountant CA(SA) or CIMA qualification, is essential for this role and a minimum of 5 years’ business development experience is essential.

Performance-Based Compensation: Earnings are based on commission-only, meaning your remuneration will be tied to your performance and the success of your Team and Clients.

Overall, The CFO Centre is a collective of experienced, top-notch professionals who leverage their skills to transform businesses and make a real difference to their clients’ lives. The CFO Centre is seeking passionate, driven individuals who align with our values and want to be part of our growth journey.

If you’re interested in one of these opportunities, please ONLY apply by sending your CV to [email protected]

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