Introducing The FD Centre team – Jacqui Crosby


Jacqui Crosby





How long have you worked for The FD Centre?

I joined The FD Centre just over 4 years ago in March 2015.


What did you do before joining The FD Centre?

I was with Times Media for almost 10 years, where I looked after the Nu Metro divisions as the Finance Director.  I then took a year’s sabbatical to be with my children.


Company Role (current):

Being a Part-time Finance Director at The FD Centre has allowed me to actively be involved with my clients as Finance Director, managing Operations and Human Resources aspects of the business as well as being a trusted advisor.


Describe your job in three words:

Challenging, flexible and steadfast.


Best part of your job:

I enjoy being involved in the strategic side of the business and putting the strategy into actual numbers. What I have also enjoyed over the last 4 years is getting to know different industries and meeting entrepreneurs who follow their dreams.


What’s in your coffee?

I am a cappuccino drinker and my Nespresso machine even comes on holiday with me!


What are the values that drive you?

My core value is being a good role model to my 3 daughters.


Hire a superstar part-time CFO

To help you increase cash, profit and valuation and free you up from the burden of day-to-day opperations.