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Michael Kleinwort - Owner of Kora

Michael Kleinwort, Owner

Spotlight: Kora

Owner: Michael Kleinwort

The problem

However dedicated Michael may be, there was little commercial and financial knowledge in how to run a business. Four years of books were not closed and audited, multiple warehouses supporting distribution size that was far from economic, lack of dedicated professional talent on online marketing and content creation in the team, and breaking even seemed very far away and investment kept pumping in.
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The solution

Consolidated warehouses into one distributing to the whole world. Consolidated bookkeeping, audit and tax services into one, and finished all outstanding audit and tax compliance works in 6 months. Advised and helped to build an all-part-time team with specialized talents from different time zones, working through once a week zoom meetings and online portal.
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The numbers that realy matter 40%
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Numbers matter. But not just profit and balance sheet numbers. We asked Michael what is the number that really matters to him?

Yak wool is 40% warmer that merino wool, according to test done by independent laboratories. Michael came across the incredible benefits of Yak Wool during a winter trek into a remote corner of the Eastern Himalayas, and started a entrepreneurial journey making outdoor apparel for the extremes. His passion is for his social enterprise to bring positive change to the communities that provide the yak wool and make the highest performance products on fair trade principles.

A 'thank you' to my FD/CFO

"The decision to add Edmond as our part-time CFO was vindicated very quickly. We are now able to plan and make the right decisions with clarity and rigour!" Michael Kleinwort

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