Neil Williams In 60 Seconds

I am a dynamic, highly motivated, energetic, extremely commercial, qualified and experienced chartered accountant with over 30 years in the accounting and finance sector.
Having been the chairman and senior partner in my area of a top 50 firm of chartered accountants, I have always been well recognised for my high level of advice and professional service to business owners.

Specialist Skills

Banking Relationship

Excellent 'black book' of contacts.

Business Planning

All aspects to assist full achievement of goals.

Corporate Finance

Facilitator of all CF solutions including mergers, acquisitions, buy outs etc.

Exit Planning

Performed hundreds of times. I am your go to advisor in this area. Saved ££££'s

Tax Planning

Try me! I have saved every client I've worked with. Highly referred & respected.

Track Record Highlights

  • Coached many business owners and senior management to achieve sustainable improvements in business results via utilisation of my significant finance experience.
  • Advised hundreds of business owners including strategic, general business, tax planning and business finance. Regularly commended by business owners for my communication and presentation skills.
  • Heavily involved with many corporate finance solutions including mergers, business sales and acquisitions, liquidation reconstructions, exit strategies, family business problems & business valuations.
  • Acted as quasi/part time finance director to many businesses in the last 20 years, with significant involvement at board level. Agreed with and importantly challenged business decisions with success.
  • Highly recognised leader for tax planning expertise including corporate and personal taxes and the very important interaction of the two, especially for owner managers. Capital taxes planner.
  • National business development award winner for 5 years in a row. Significant business growth achiever in the accountancy profession with 20 years at senior partner level.
  • Excellent leadership qualities and an experienced and confident communicator. Always enjoyed excellent client relationships. Significant team building skills. Very commercially focused.

Sector Experience

  • banking-financial-services Qualified Business Finance Professional. Well connected with industry leaders.
  • construction Held many construction clients and appointments.
  • legal Significant business law advisor. Links with many commercial solicitors.
  • property-real-estate Property portfolio advisor, linking to wealth management strategies.
  • not-for-profit Specialist in Academies accounts and charities.
  • retail-consumer-products Numerous e-commerce appointments held.
  • manufacturing-transport-logistics Go to advisor due to living in heavily industrial area.

What's next?

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