Joubert Jonck In 60 Seconds

With almost 30 years experience in various roles in finance, my passion has always been to be involved with the entrepreneur to help them grow and manage their business. Managing and leading a team and helping them develop is something I enjoy doing. Using my experience in assisting the owner in strategic decision making is the most satisfying part of what I do.

Specialist Skills


Tax Planning

Management Information

Budgeting & Forecasting

Identifying risks, opportunities and tracking performance

Profit Improvement

Increasing profit and equity value and attracting investors

Track Record Highlights

  • Helping fast-growing businesses set up their finance departments and internal processes
  • Setting up and managing a new branch of a leading accounting firm for 11 years
  • Assisting owners in preparing and selling their businesses
  • Compiling emergency and exit planning strategies for various companies

Sector Experience

  • Hospitality
  • Insurance
  • Construction
  • Property - Real Estate
  • Services
  • Tourism
  • Film & Media

What's next?

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