Christopher Meron In 60 Seconds

Experienced CFO and Finance Leader with a diverse background in consumer goods, media, education, and tech. In addition to my diverse industry background, I have been a valued partner to businesses of all sizes – from startups to IPOs to Fortune 100 companies. Additionally, I have experience with owned/operated retail, manufacturing: both operated and outsourced (copacking), and international operations

Specialist Skills

Corporate Finance

Budgeting & Forecasting

Financial Operations

Cash flow Improvement

Cash flow Improvement

Track Record Highlights

  • Built and oversaw multiple successful financial forecast models for startups looking to dynamically grow their businesses and take advantage of new opportunities in the industry.
  • Developed and presented investor and board presentations to key stakeholders with key messaging developed with the cross functional management team.
  • Negotiated and managed key banking relationships with major lenders.
  • Managed teams as large as 25, and did so remotely as well, developing skills sets and careers of team members vital to the organizations.
  • Provided dynamic thinking to provide industry changing new business initiatives to multiple enterprises.
  • Developed and launch new brands including planning for product development, distribution, revenue generation strategy, pricing, and strategic partnerships.

Sector Experience

  • retail-consumer-products
  • Luxury Retail and Mass CPG
  • technology
  • Media
  • telecoms
  • Advertising and Publishing
  • Manufacturing

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