What Fancensus.com can teach you about scaling up

What Fancensus.com can teach you about scaling up

Global curator of Big Data: Fancensus.com provides business intelligence to the Entertainment Sector. Specialising and delivering accurate real-time analytical data to the gaming and movie industries; by gathering aggregating communication information, monitoring digital retailers, and overall calculating industry performance benchmarks, Fancensus.com provides powerful insights into the data analytics which drive success in today’s entertainment market. Some of their prestigious clients include Disney, Ubisoft, Sony, Bethesda amongst others. However, it wasn’t always this way…

Like many entrepreneurs, it started with a single idea. Kerri Davies (Founder and Managing Director of Fancensus.com) who had a previous background in PR & Marketing, wanted to provide real-time meaning to large data sets for the gaming industry. She identified that large sums of cash were being burned in the early days of video games in the 90s. Kerri left her previous job and as a result, Fancensus.com was established in 2004 in a spare bedroom with a single computer.

From here on the hard work really began. Kerri spent countless hours on her computer manually inputting information into an elementary system that was coded by herself, enhancing the data with the information she had collated herself. For the first few years, as she was refining the data, Kerri received no income or recognition. It was about 2-3 years before the company started to see customers come on board. The big break came in 2006 when Fancensus.com secured a big client, this is when Kerri started to see the business grow. However, in 2008 the financial crisis hit and gaming consoles were not being launched quickly enough. Therefore, the technology and data industry slowed, and therefore the demand for products. Although these years were tough Fancensus.com continued to grow, and by 2013 leading market competitors Sony and Microsoft released new consoles and the gaming industry had recovered. This was when Fancensus.com saw substantial growth, bringing on new employees and building up their assets.

Then in 2016 Fancensus.com needed a professional to look at their accounts, this is when the company decided to bring in a part-time FD from The CFO Centre: Kerri Davies:

“I am not too comfortable with the accounting side of things, we really needed to enhance the business profitability. In order to keep investing in the business, I needed to have a professional look at our forecasting and understand the results better so we can make informed decisions. This is exactly what Chris Willford (Thames Valley FD) is bringing to the table”

Now Fancensus.com is providing data warehousing and valuable insights for entertainment companies across the globe! Fancensus.com has scaled up from its humble beginnings in a spare bedroom in 2004 to a team of 15 today. Scaling up any business can be very problematic, however. As you can see with Fancensus.com a combination of hard work, determination, and strategy to put procedures in place and minimise the risk can help a company become successful and profitable.

To find out more about Fancensus.com visit www.fancensus.com or call 01628 483 554.

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