Rob Blythe – Instant Impact

Speaker: Rob Blythe, Co-CEO, Instant Impact

What would you like to say to your CFO, Steve Wright?

Rob Blythe: We’ve been working with Steve Wright in The CFO Centre for coming up to five years now, and it’s really had a game changing impact on our business. Steve’s helped us truly transform what we do and we’re incredibly grateful to Steve and The CFO Centre for everything that you’ve done.

What issues or untapped opportunities were you facing before you started working with us?

Rob Blythe: Before we started working with Steve and The CFO Centre were an intern and graduate recruitment agency, and we’re really looking to have longer-term stickier client relationships. Steve has been a massive part of transforming the way we think about what we do and has helped us become what we are today, which is embedded recruitment specialists where we build and run in-house recruitment functions for our clients.

How has working with Steve helped early in the process and what excited you the most about working with Steve?

Rob Blythe: Steve’s been there right from the start, getting his hands dirty in all parts of our process and thinking about what we do and what really excited us about working with Steve was his fantastic experience. He’d been there, done that, got the T-shirt. He had been a CEO of a 300-plus-person recruitment company in the exact space in which we operate and having that insight and experience. And I hope he doesn’t mind me saying the gray hairs behind it as well has been really, really useful over the last five years.

What benefits to your business are you already seeing?

Rob Blythe: We’ve seen loads of benefits were more than three times the size than we were. When we first started working with Steve and The CFO Centre, we’ve navigated Covid the economic turbulence that’s come with Ukraine, Russia and everything else. And we’re now looking increasingly internationally, and Steve’s being really helpful with setting up an entity in the US and thinking about how we, how we look at different locations as well.

What are you hoping to achieve over the coming 12 months with the support of Steve?

Rob Blythe: The next 12 months is all about growth and international expansion. We’re hoping that Steve can help us with our early stage strategic thinking, and then also circumnavigate some of the mistakes that we would have made if it wasn’t for his experience. So Steve very much looking forward to working with you over that period and seeing what we’ll achieve together.