Mike Rigby – Prime Product Manufacturing

Speaker: Mike Rigby, Managing Director, Prime Product Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd

What would you like to say to your FD/CFO?

Mike Rigby: Firstly, I would like to say a huge thank you to Burgert Blom. Over the last four years, Burgert has been instrumental to guide Prime into a new way of thinking and working and to action a purposeful budget. This process enabled us to realign our 2020 budget and navigate our way through the coronavirus pandemic and the constraints and restrictions there are.

What problems were you facing before we started working with you?

Mike Rigby: Through these years, Burgert’s, insight experience and support has refined Prime’s ways of working our understanding of how our business works. What the key drivers are in controls are that optimize performance, output and, more importantly, profitability. This new approach has put Prime in a very strong position to be able to select the right fit customers and take on new projects, review operational efficiencies and even consider diversification to our business model.

What have been the benefits to your business specifically?

Mike Rigby: Prime’s improvements can be seen in many facets of the business, even though the process has been quite involved in the detail, quite consuming. The results speak for themselves. Budgets are continuously achieved or exceeded with much improved profitability, including managing and mitigating many business risks. This shows the new, improved path Prime is on, allowing the business to grow from strength to strength.

How has our help benefited you personally?

Mike Rigby: My own personal relationships have grown from my regular interaction with Burgert. The key attributes of trust and integrity have come to the fore. I’m able to think more out of the box. I review the business more strategically and am able to map the future with the Prime management team. I’m certainly more relaxed. I’m confident of our approach to the business world we find ourselves in.

What is the number that really matters to you?

Mike Rigby: Lastly, I have applied a new motto. Do more with less, and the significant benefit between The CFO Centre and Prime has seen, and we’ll see that one and one equals equals three. The synergies we have achieved will continue to deliver and grow Prime’s business for the future, and will give us resilience and strength for any eventuality and potential business opportunity. Thank you.