"My business gives me the freedom to choose how I spend my time, which ironically, I like to spend on my business, developing my people!"

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Jonathan Quinn - Owner of Geckota

Jonathan Quinn, Owner

Spotlight: Geckota

Owner: Jonathan Quinn

The problem

I didn't know what I didn't know when it came to my company finance function. I hadn't fully appreciated the potential upside to bringing on a part-time CFO. As is the case with many business owners, I was spending a good portion of my time doing things that needed to be done, but that weren't really the things I wanted to be doing! Taking on a part-time CFO was in part to help grow the business and get it to the next level and in part about freeing me up to choose how I would spend my time.
Two Geckota watches.

The solution

Mitch plays a major role in the business running the company finances, but in reality his role is much more all-encompassing. Mitch has been there and done it and just 'gets business'. I have always felt that Mitch has my back and is fully embedded in the business, clear on the direction we are headed in and fully committed to helping us get there. He's very responsive, always there when I need him and he supports me as well as the rest of the team. He takes 'ownership' of the financial operations and frees me up to work on the projects I want to work on. He has helped me build a successful business that gives me freedom to choose how I spend my time.
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The numbers that realy matter 12
Worn black Geckota watch paired with black leather jacket.

Numbers matter. But not just profit and balance sheet numbers. We asked Jonathan what is the number that really matters to him?

My company designs and sells watches. The number that really matters to me is '12' as it’s representative of the face of a watch and because it signifies time, which is the most precious of resources. As an entrepreneur, I am passionate about having the freedom to use my time as I choose. To develop my people, to create amazing products and have time off whenever I choose.

A 'thank you' to my FD/CFO

"Before we starting working together I didn't really know what a CFO did, but I can safely say now that I wouldn't be without you, Mitch." Jonathan Quinn

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