METIS Aerospace Ltd

airfield with a close in range view of a tracking equipment for aeroplanes

METIS Aerospace Ltd based in Lincoln has invested heavily over the last eight years in developing a Radio Frequency detection and tracking system called HYPERION.  A spin-off of this technology gave rise to SKYPERION, an effective Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (drone) detection system based on the same technology.  Owner and CEO, Tony Burnell remains confident that his system is far superior to anything currently available in the market.

Skyperion works by detecting the radio signals between the pilot and the drone. The system is complementary to other systems such as radar and surveillance cameras to provide a layered approach.  Utilising a layered system provides an extremely reliable drone detection capability.  This has massive market potential where the detection of drones is critical, such as airports, prisons, military installations, government buildings, historical sites VP Protection and public events to name but a few.

As the saying goes “it’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good”, the December 2018 drone activity around Gatwick brought the airport to a standstill, causing misery to thousands of people and costing the airport and airlines millions of pounds.

With a mobile system working from a modified van and trailer, METIS were able to deploy the SKYPERION system within hours of being requested to help. Gatwick Airport Executive was provided with the assurance that it was safe to reopen the airport based on ‘real-time’ reporting of drone activity.

Following extensive testing, Gatwick ordered a 6 sensor SKYPERION system for delivery in February 2019.  A subsequent incident at Heathrow Airport required the deployment of a temporary system to provide immediate protection and avoid a repeat of the disruption suffered by Gatwick.

Once again, drone activity is firmly in the news with a Panorama documentary on 15th April 2019 specifically on the issue of drone activity close to airports.  Upcoming television programmes featuring the Skyperion system include BBC Click and Horizon which, again, will hopefully elevate the profile of Metis Aerospace Ltd.

With interest from numerous other UK and international airports, the Home Office, the MOD, and sporting venues, Metis have employed Adrian Dorr from the FD Centre and Andrew Scheer from The Marketing Centre to help with the scaling up of the business.

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