Shilen Raichura In 60 Seconds

Commercially focused finance leader passionate about helping SME’s and entrepreneurs to achieve their ambitions.
I have over 14 years’ experience in various industries as a business partner carrying out finance management, growth planning, managing change, strategy development and exit plans.

Prior to joining the CFO Centre I operated my own business.

Specialist Skills


Over 14 years supporting SME’s. Covering start- up, operation, scale and exit including personal ventures.

Profit Improvement

Sought additional revenue, cost control and revamped services pushing profits.

M&A Specialist

Led due diligence for acquirors for employers and personal company sale. Actively sourcing targets for clients.

Systems and Controls

Implemented/executing various systems including deployment and management on a technical and operational levels.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Built mechanisms for non-finance staff to self-manage budgets and growth targets.

Track Record Highlights

  • Established own start up in the health care sector. Learnt the sector and managed all operations with Good regulatory ratings. Scaled in 5 years and successfully sold the company October 2021.
  • Revamped core services for a real estate company leading to increased transaction volumes by 15%
  • Led project to offshore finance operations, re-engineered procedures on front end and back end resulting in remarkable improvement in service delivery.
  • Heavily involved with sell side due diligence covering finance and risk management to a FTSE 250 acquirer.
  • Turned around a failed system implementation & integration.

Sector Experience

  • property-real-estate
  • healthcare
  • hospitality-tourism
  • services

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