Ronald Christopher In 60 Seconds

A strategically minded qualified accountant with significant international experience in start-up’s, SME’s and international companies. My goal is to partner with business entrepreneurs and assist them to achieve their objectives.

Specialist Skills

Budgeting & Forecasting

Assist businesses in planning and managing usage of resources and funds.

Business Planning

Business partnering with entrepreneurs to achieve their objectives.

Cash flow Improvement

Assist businesses to identify potential issues and improve cash flow forecasting.

Financial Operations

Review and improve financial operations to meet business needs.


Guide and mentor staff and serve as a "sounding board" for senior management.

Track Record Highlights

  • Served as a FD in start-up's, SME's and businesses that were part of an international Group.
  • International experience including working with people from diverse backgrounds in the USA, UK, Asia Pacific and Europe.
  • Experience in both "buy and sell" side M&A activities.
  • Experience in working with VC backed and family office controlled firms.
  • Good understanding of business partnering with directors, senior management and shareholders to achieve their objectives.

Sector Experience

  • Healthcare, Over 14 years working experience in the Life Sciences sector
  • Transport Logistics, - Over 7 years working experience in the Logistics and Shipping Agency businesses.
  • Banking Financial Services, Over 3 years regulatory compliance working experience in a foreign central bank.
  • Services, Over 8 years working experience in auditing and other services based businesses.

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