Peter Wilson In 60 Seconds

I am an experienced Chartered Accountant who has worked with UK and US based businesses both Nationally and Internationally. I have since taken this experience and applied it to owner managed and private equity funded businesses to enable them to operate more efficiently and effectively in ways that multi-nationals would without the need necessarily for bureaucracy.

Specialist Skills

Executive Coaching

I have coached budding FD's to enable them to work with their boards to provide meaningful information and provide insightful commentary and suggestions.

Exit Planning

I have assisted owners in exiting their businesses both in a controlled manner and in one case as an urgent sale to maximise exit reward.

Cash flow Improvement

I have guided businesses through difficult cash flow problems by assisting in gaining funding, close cash management and by improving business performance.

Budgeting & Forecasting

I have assisted businesses in understanding the benefits of budgeting and monitoring performance against these budgets without them becoming a constraint.

Analytics Wizard

I have helped business owners understand their businesses financially and enabled them to monitor the key financial indicators for their business to keep focus on the issues that have the biggest effect.

Track Record Highlights

  • Working with a client in the marine electronics sector, we analysed the business into sectors, gathered historical information and provided sector forecasts to show the businesses potential. We then marketed the business successfully with an excellent offer being accepted. We then worked through the due diligence process to completion.
  • Working with a client in the hospitality sector, we have developed a financial structure to analyse the business and to identify the key indicators for success. The management are now focused on those indicators and take action as soon as these move outside accepted limits.
  • Working with a client whose overdraft facility was being consistently breached we focused on key costs and cash flows to establish a cash positive position within 18 months with no overdraft facility or other funding now needed.
  • Working with a business in the construction sector, we prepared an MBO plan, negotiated with the management a proposed structure, capital payment profile etc and executed the MBO, while minimising tax implications.
  • Working with a farming client we provided insightful analysis to improve profit performance by managing costs more effectively.

Sector Experience

  • agriculture & farming
  • construction
  • engineering
  • healthcare
  • manufacturing, transport & logistics
  • services

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