Michael Anthony In 60 Seconds

A Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants with experience working at board level and operational level in a number of sectors but specifically construction, house building, childcare and leisure for owner managed businesses.
Michael adds real value, whether it’s improving cash flow or systems to make everyone’s life easier, giving a clear plan for growth or buying other companies.

Specialist Skills

Budgeting & Forecasting

Focus on quantified, achievable, deadline budgets communicated to the entire team.

Cash flow Improvement

Using the supply chain for free finance as much as various banking options.

M&A Specialist

For small and micro companies

Profit Improvement

Via both looking at the detail and strategic overview.

Analytics Wizard

A Uni of Warwick statistician coupled with real work experience.

Track Record Highlights

  • In just over a two year period working with a division of a FTSE PLC to grow from zero turnover to £40m turnover and profitability.
  • Being the group FD for a leisure group that expanded to 450 employees and the biggest indoor playgroup by locations in the country. Michael set up and controlled of all financial matters.
  • Numerous acquisitions to facility growth, including the Rossi Ice Cream Company in Southend. Also help facility the sale of businesses including Fort Fun in Eastbourne.
  • Over one hundred financing deals from everything from Van finance, to business vendor finance to bank to individual loans.
  • Worked in highly distressed companies, including companies with winding up orders from HMRC and ensured they survived.

Sector Experience

  • construction, Main Contractors
  • construction, House Builders
  • hospitality-tourism, Leisure sites
  • healthcare, Childs Day Care

What's next?

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