Jamie Grant In 60 Seconds

I have 25 years’ of Commercial and Financial experience working in various companies, from large multinationals helping to deliver sustainable growth and profitability to PE backed startups, partnering entrepreneurs to realise their goals with Strategic planning, tight cost control and cash management to help realise a future exit.

Specialist Skills

Budgeting & Forecasting

Bottom up planning identifying risks, opportunities and tracking performance.

Cash flow Improvement

Maximising Working Capital to optimise your cash.

Strategic Thinker

Developing financial strategy to expedite growth and increase valuation.

Profit Improvement

Increasing profit and equity value to attract investors.


Enabling and empowering others to deliver results.

Track Record Highlights

  • Experience in negotiating banking facilities most notably helping to secure a £30m facility during the banking crises in 2008.
  • Building bottom up financial planning, forecasting future plans to operate the business successfully and ultimately to manage cash.
  • Extensive Fashion Retail experience highlighting areas of profitability to exploit and revealing areas of concern.
  • Managed Financial Due Diligence to exit.
  • Restructured distressed business via Pre-pack administration leading to a resale and ultimately attracting investment.

Sector Experience

  • retail-consumer-products, Fashion retail
  • hospitality-tourism, Restaurant

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