Ian Thompson In 60 Seconds

Experienced FD/CFO worked across several business sectors for both large and mid-sized companies. Before joining The CFO Centre, I worked for a multi-national manufacturing/distribution business in need of significant reorganisation. I have a passion for growing a business in a controlled and profitable manner and believe I can help a business run its finances more efficiently and effectively.

Specialist Skills

Cash flow Improvement

Expert in credit collection, inventory management and supply chain management.

Profit Improvement

Found several opportunities to improve the profitability of SMEs.

Business Planning

Consolidated and streamlined manufacturing footprint and back office functions.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Had years of experience designing and implementing budget and forecasting processes.

Management Information

Developed customised performance indicators and internal management reports to improve decision making.

Track Record Highlights

  • Lead several successful acquisitions both nationally and internationally.
  • Managed and controlled profitable double digit growth for a local SME.
  • Implemented internal controls and implemented a robust accounting system.
  • Reorganised manufacturing footprint and consolidated back office functions to improve efficiency and reduce cost base.
  • Implemented a robust budgeting and reporting process for mid-sized business.

Sector Experience

  • Engineering: Electronics/Avionics
  • Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics: Electronics/Avionics/Modular building

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