Ian Smith In 60 Seconds

Ian has spent a significant period focusing his corporate expertise on the international market. Following his passion to diversify his knowledge and experience, Ian believes he can achieve personal growth and development, as well as making valuable contributions to the SME Sector.

Track Record Highlights

  • Incorporated companies in China, India, Middle East, Brazil, UK, USA, and South Africa.
  • Negotiation of a joint venture with the largest global valve manufacturer in Europe.
  • Successful negotiation through a substantial arbitration between a privately owned power generation company and their primary customer.
  • Large construction project financing, including introducing mezzanine finance.
  • Islamic financing and public bond offers in Middle East.
  • Construction of power stations, shopping malls and housing developments.

Sector Experience

  • construction Large construction projects
  • healthcare Healthcare services
  • hospitality-tourism African safaris and lodge owner
  • manufacturing-transport-logistics Manufacturing, engineering and foundry
  • property-real-estate Housing developments and building management
  • services Business consultancy

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