Ian Dickinson In 60 Seconds

A commercial CFO that can bring extensive experience within FTSE and PLC organisations to you. Prior to joining The CFO Centre, I ran a family owned property development business as MD having been the FD before that, so I fully understand the issues faced by business owners and directors. I have a hands-on approach and always look for the common sense, pragmatic solution to business issues.

Specialist Skills

Management Information

Focus on the business cash and profit drivers, rather than just data for the sake of it.

Strategic Thinker

What are the goals, and therefore what are the practical steps that need to be taken to achieve those goals? That can then be translated into a detailed dynamic business plan to achieve buy in from owners, directors, staff and funders of the business.

Systems and Controls

A continuous business improvement approach is essential. If you are not improving, your competitors are.

Cash flow Improvement

Cash is king. Cash flow is the single most important thing in every business and flows from the strategy and business plan.

People Manager

Good businesses have good people, properly trained, motivated, skilled, experienced and aligned with the overall strategy.

Track Record Highlights

  • Completed a range of corporate acquisitions and disposals, some to extraordinary timescales.
  • Helped to grow a business ten-fold in 15 years, whilst maintaining margins and profitability.
  • Successfully managed new system and process implementations in a variety of businesses, from business case to process mapping, system adaptation, data transfer, roll out and training.
  • Negotiated bank loan facility of £50m at the peak of the banking crisis in 2008/09.
  • Rebuilt relationships and trust with sport governing bodies in acquiring a football club from administrators.

Sector Experience

  • Property & Real Estate: Land acquisition, planning, construction, leasing and sale - cradle to grave across all property sectors.
  • Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics: ERP and financial system integration
  • Services: Waste management, recycling and renewable energy

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