Hoshila Joshi In 60 Seconds

Served the corporate space for over 25 years with large international companies, however had an keen interest in making a difference at the local level.
As a result change management became a key aspect of the roles I have held.
Process steam line, restructuring, more engaged finance departments, timely and accurate insights to companies financial performance.

Specialist Skills

Cash flow Improvement

Working capital reduction drive and better utilisation of assets.

Profit Improvement

Better buying decisions , reduce obsolescense, overhead reductions.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Improved clarity on budget/forecast building, monitoring and execution.

Management Information

Identify source of key drivers and their impact on performance.


Project lead, change management, communications.

Track Record Highlights

  • Focus on maximising profit potential, process efficiencies, waste elimination.
  • Provide useful insights from the financials to help improve key drivers/ focus on high- risk areas in the business.
  • Partner with management teams to achieve financial success, drive strategy ideas and what best looks like.
  • Strong project managements and good communications skills to bring about a positive change environment for future success.
  • Ensure Balance sheets are clean, all risk basis covered, strong focus on maximising cashflows.

Sector Experience

  • engineering, Cutting tools, advanced materials
  • manufacturing-transport-logistics, Aerospace, Deep sea, motor cars
  • technology-media-telecoms, Digital products - 3rd party platforms

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