Chris Williams In 60 Seconds

I am an experienced Finance Director with a track record of supporting businesses through large scale change; landing sustainable, often international, growth at pace and optimising every £ of cash flow throughout. My passion for a portfolio career came from working extensively with SMEs over the years and seeing the hard work and planning really pay dividends (pun intended).

Specialist Skills

M&A Specialist

I have led several acquisitions, integrations and sale processes end-to-end.

Business Planning

Regular and detailed forecasting in a previous role was required to improve investor confidence and raise £3m debt-funding through new and existing lenders.

Profit Improvement

Improved profit by £2.8m in a prior role, supporting a longer-term target of £5m.

Cash flow Improvement

Improved free cash flow by £3m in my last role through robust working capital management.

Systems and Controls

Development and implementation of new ERP systems.

Track Record Highlights

  • Improved share price from 15p to 40p with an AIM-listed PLC.
  • Set up US entity, trading and manufacturing operations.
  • Raised £3m debt-finance leveraging new and existing lender relationships.
  • Improved free cash flow by £3m through working capital reduction.
  • Jointly led a start-up with £5m VC investment to £80m sales.

Sector Experience

  • manufacturing-transport-logistics
  • retail-consumer-products
  • engineering
  • hospitality-tourism

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