Ashley Warden In 60 Seconds

After qualifying I have been in industry being involved setting up a number of companies, rationalising and repositioning a further three and instrumental in selling four, one of which as MD.
Since then I have been put into a corporate finance house and a small listed company to sort out incomplete or inaccurate records, system problems and install systems to take the businesses forward.

Specialist Skills

Management Information

Working out what the key drivers are for the business

Business Planning

Being clear on what the end goals are for the owners and the business

Budgeting & Forecasting

Translating the goals into a plan that is feasible and understandable

Corporate Finance

I have been involved with and succeeded in raising finance several times

M&A Specialist

I have been involved in both buying and selling businesses.

Track Record Highlights

  • As a founder I was responsible for four small acquisitions, development and financing for a new factory and administration centre and the eventual sale of the business to a London quoted company.
  • Acquired a manufacturing business from a public company, growing it, opening factories in HK and China eventually selling it to a US competitor.
  • Founding a business from scratch, growing and developing a brand in a niche market supplying the FMCG market eventually selling it to a US company.
  • As MD, total restructuring and streamlining of a group of companies for three family owners. Expanding the core business to become the UK dominant leader before selling it on behalf of the families.
  • Carried out a post acquisition resolution in a corporate finance house where incomplete and inaccurate records were found, warranty claims, developing systems and processes for the future of the Co.
  • From the corporate finance, introduced to resolve similar problems in a client of theirs that is quoted on the London Stock Exchange, acting as interim Company Secretary before handing over.
  • Assisted a new business to develop a business plan and pitch deck and helped them raise the money required subsequently becoming a NED and mentor on an ongoing basis.

Sector Experience

  • banking-financial-services
  • technology-media-telecoms
  • manufacturing-transport-logistics
  • mining-resources-energy

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