Marlin PR Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

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Congratulations to our client Marlin PR who has celebrated its 10 year anniversary. Marlin PR had this to say:

Like any business, we started our journey with big ambitions and a bold vision. We wanted to shape an industry that was being radically transformed with the growth of digital and help carve out a new normal for brands seeking to integrate the best or tradition and digital comms. Tech was our heartland, our passion and reason for bounding into work in the mornings.

Fast forward ten years and we are 29 tech enthusiasts on a mission. We work with some of the most forward-thinking and innovative technologies in the UK, Europe, and the USA, we help them deliver fearless campaigns across the world. From the early days when we brought back the Krypton Factor with FTSE50 Sage, to bringing brands like Slack, Asana, and Forescout to the UK and continuing to reinvent communications for Sony (who have been with us since day one), we’ve pioneered campaigns for some of the leading lights in this industry.

Managing Director Jenny Tod explains: “The heart and soul for our agency remain exactly the same today as it did 10 years ago- and our pursuit of better for ourselves, our clients and the world around us is stronger than ever. We strive not only to work with amazing brands who share our belief that innovative tech should fulfil its vast potential to make the world a better place, but with smart and savvy people who bring passion and ability to equal measure.”

Deputy MD Ben Philipson: “We were blown away by the turnout. This was a celebration and thank you beyond our agency so we invited friends, family, and over 100 journalists. We put on music from The Moxie Kicks, International DJ Georgie Macechern and our very own staff member Megan Khan who sang some soulful favourites”

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