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  1. Dragons, feelings and trips to the moon!

    Chris Neild

    Chris Neild - Fractional CFO

    During your growth period, you’ll need to hire or expand your team. This can seem daunting, not only because of the additional cost but because of the risk of hiring the wrong people.

    So, how can you make sure you’re building the right team; one that is motivated, driven, and lives up to business values?

    Create a desirable culture

    Sounds easy, but building a warm, positive culture can be difficult. Try hiring people with similar values to you and your business. Create processes to keep people engaged and motivated. Recognise and reward people for the great work they do or referrals they make, and create an environment they want to be in and where they want to do a great job. Then let them do it!

    Build an enviable reputation

    If you look after and do great things for your people, they’ll talk about it. The opposite is also true.

    Featuring your people on your website and social media and involving them in promo activity is a perfect start to showing what kind of employer you are. Not only will it encourage customers to work with you but it will attract recruits who are looking for exactly that.

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