Why Do Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Businesses need Specialist CFOs?

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If your business operates in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space then your aware of the turbulent times that we’re living through. You understand how important it is to have a clear plan, but you also how hard it is to plan when the environment is in constant flux. Chances are you also have investors asking for financial reports, as well as updated business plans and the impact of this is that you are running to stay still.

What is happening in the Crypto Industry?

While the crypto industry is a long way from reaching anything close to maturity, we will continue to see transitionary periods and cycles. This means that many people in cryptocurrency and blockchain businesses are telling us that they:

  •  Are being buffeted by market instabilities beyond their control
  • Have received investment but they have a sneaking concern that their financial plans are not robust
  • Aren’t sure that they are taking advantages of cost synergies, effective financial management or optimised internal pricing.
  •  Want to plan now for future success but they aren’t sure how to get the right financial infrastructure
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The Cryptocurrency and Blockchain CFO Service

Currently you might feel that you are navigating one of the toughest challenges your business will face on your own. This is why you need an experienced crypto CFO on your side.

You need someone to support you, both strategically and functionally. This person will help you unlock more cash, more time and more financial success built for the long term. In the crypto space, there’s no doubt that the winners will be the ones that lay the right foundations for long-term success.

If you think you are ready to give your company the best chance of reaching its fullest potential, discover how one of the crypto specialists within our team can help your business.

Meet our London Team

Our London team includes Andrew Gibb, Salman Rahman and Mils Misina. You can learn more about them on their profile pages but, in a nutshell they provide an unbeatable range of skills to support your business.

Andrew Gibb

Andrew led large scale business transformation and drove a successful $13m fundraising campaign at a blockchain technology company

Andrew Gibb

Salman Rahman

Meet Salman Rahman; a specialist cryptocurrency and blockchain CFO who has joined the CFO Centre London Region team.

Salman is highly adaptable CFO who has worked for leading global financial institutions in senior roles including Bank of America where he was European CFO for their trading businesses helping to build out their franchise, UBS, Credit Suisse, Barclays Capital and Deutsche Bank.

He has extensive experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency space both as a CFO and trader with expertise in smart contract platforms, DeFi, NFT and gaming. As CFO he both developed business strategy as well as building a robust finance function. In addition, he has experience with token issuances and exchange listings.

Salman is experienced in managing and building diverse teams and has delivered business transformations and other significant projects including systems implementations.

Salman Rahman

Andrew Scorer

He has a wealth of experience in a number of industries, calling upon his experience of setting up SME businesses. Andrew won the Surrey entrepreneurial business of the year award and created the second fastest selling business App in the UK. So you’ll be talking to an expert about our cryptocurrency and blockchain service.

Andrew Scorer


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What does our Crypto Team Offer?

You get access to an unbeatable range of skills and experience to support your business.

• Large scale business transformation
• Successful fundraising experience within blockchain technology companies
• Delivery of token issuance for a crypto company
• Establishing exchange listings
• Implementing employee token benefit schemes
• Strategic budgeting processes, forecasting and analytical tools.
• Creation of board level management reporting.

Yes, I’d like to speak with a CFO

You can also book your 60 minute discovery call with one of our crypto specialist FDs by sending us an email to [email protected] or calling us on 0800 169 1499