Sandy MacNaughton In 60 Seconds...

A dynamic CFO/business advisor with over 25 years experience. Involved in over 20 M&A transactions. Strategic in nature but also able to roll up the sleeves and dig in. A strong leader and communicator who is able to implement positive changes at any company with a focus on employees as one of the key drivers to corporate success. Strong with the numbers, negotiations and change management.

Specialist Skills

M&A Specialist

Involved in all aspects of M&A activities, both buy and sell sides.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Developed and produced reports on a monthly, quarterly, annual basis as needed.

Strategic Thinker

Business advisor and leader to corporate boards, committees and management teams

Tax Planning

All corporate tax activities, including amalgamations, windups, etc.

Systems and Controls

Scoped out, implemented, provided training with new accounting systems

Track Record Highlights

  • Involved in over 20 M&A transactions-both purchase and sell sides. Including due diligence and tax matters; bank financing negotiations; onboarding and transition activities.
  • Constant focus on cost efficiencies resulting in seven figure, real cost savings at 2 companies (annual and one time cost savings).
  • Set up and managed Human Resource Departments, implementing new processes, controls, guidelines and manuals.
  • Implemented new accounting systems at 3 companies, constantly developed new financial reporting structures and reports, as well as operational and financial KPI's.
  • Successfully secured, on multiple occasions, debt and equity financing for both organic and acquisition growth.

Sector Experience

  • Manufacturing
  • Technology / Telecoms
  • Media
  • Seafood Processing
  • Transport
  • Services
  • Logistics

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