Mark Herron In 60 Seconds...

For the first 20 years of Mark’s career, he started and built a large and successful practice-earning partnership with an international CPA firm. For the next 20 years, as a senior corporate executive officer (COO/CFO), he worked with boards of directors and c-suite executives to conceive and lead the transformation of a range of public, private, and entrepreneurial initiatives (including non-profit).

Specialist Skills


Corporate Governance Specialist

Business Planning

Strategic Planning Expertise

Corporate Finance

IPO/RTO (prospectus) listing/funding. Private placement funding.


IFRS, MD&A & AIF C-SOX reporting. ASPE/ASNPO reporting.

Tax Planning

CPA tax partner

Track Record Highlights

  • Envisioned new business model for survival & growth during legislated upheaval.
  • Conceived new board KPIs maximizing VFM and ROI.
  • Led insolvent P3 to trusted industry leader|Corporate Governance.
  • Introduced best practices for maximizing board effectiveness.
  • Amended corporate by-laws to align with new corporate strategy|Business Development.
  • Started & built large CPA practice known for quality and service .
  • Experience in SME start-ups, public listing/funding by IPO/RTO prospectus, cross-border M&A|Transformation (Change).
  • Leadership of local start-up into Canadian head office of multinational firm.
  • Transformed NPO business model preserving legacy funding & delivering new revenues|Crisis Management.
  • Successfully lead - P3 through successive expropriations of revenue, Hospital physician company in epidemic, Investigation of new CEO for allegations of improper behaviour|Operational Effectiveness.
  • Re-built all financial, HR and IT systems, processes, and teams|Financial Leadership.
  • Conceived tax windfall with perpetual annual savings creating sustainable reserve.
  • Designed corporate re-org & tax deferral with advanced tax ruling.

Sector Experience

  • agriculture-farming Medical cannabis cultivation, extraction & CPG
  • healthcare Hospital physician/clinic management
  • hospitality-tourism Marketing & sales management
  • banking-financial-services Escrow trust services
  • legal Law firm management
  • design Architecture firm management
  • not-for-profit Including registered charities

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