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Entrepreneurial CFO with CPA certification, 30+ years of leadership, including CEO, Finance, Operations and Tech for international, public, private, small and large entities + not-for-profit boards. Delivered higher growth, profitability, and equity valuation through leveraging of physical, intellectual and human capital using business planning and controls, organizational buy-in, accountability and alignment.

Specialist Skills

Strategic Thinker

Served as trusted advisor to CEO and Board of Directors

Profit Improvement

Delivered significant cost reductions and improved returns on investment

Financial Operations

Improved financial reporting, controls and organizational capacity

Business Planning

Led strategic planning, budgeting and tax efficiency initiatives

Exit Planning

Negotiated divestments of non-core businesses at top of desired price range

Track Record Highlights

  • As a public company CFO, delivered multimillion-dollar earnings/revenue +23.4% efficiency over 5 years, from Lean and six-Sigma cost reductions and improved operating accountability
  • Delivered major efficiencies in working capital and total assets utilization resulting in +390% higher working capital, +100% higher total assets (ROA) respectively and -98% in debt.
  • Improved relationships with Nasdaq, S&P and Moody's, SEC regulators; improved transparency, partnership and financial conditions with customers, suppliers, external auditors and lenders.
  • Utilizing mostly in-house finance personnel, completed a $100 million+ corporate Chapter 11 reorganization re-emerging in just 5 months, avoiding (saved) $5-7 million in forecasted administrative costs
  • Utilizing mostly in-house resources, delivered corporate-wide Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, enhanced financial controls/reporting of global-wide subsidiaries and $3-5 million lower than expected costs
  • Led the targeting and negotiation of an aggregate $100 million+ in multiple M&A and divestitures initiatives for revenue growth, diversification and improved cost synergies.
  • Implemented FX hedging to reduce procurement and subsidiary earnings variability, and a pricing strategy for foreign inter-affiliate production transfers to save unwarranted tax expenses.

Sector Experience

  • manufacturing, transport & logistics: Automotive & Industrial
  • technology, media-telecoms: Internet Software
  • property / real-estate: Office & Warehousing
  • Services: Small Business Consulting

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