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+800 CFOs : 15 Countries : $8B Raised : 10,000 Scaled : 4,000 Exits


“A huge weight lifted from my shoulders…”

Laurence Carels,
Founder CDM Stravitec

“The first few weeks with our part-time CFO were a breath of fresh air for myself. I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

Our CFO’s international experience in our sector immediately gave the entire management a lot of peace of mind.

He was operational from day 2 and very quickly part of the team. I am immensely grateful to him for all he has accomplished in a short period” of time.”

Helping Owners Achieve The Numbers
That Really Matter &
Reducing Stress,
Since 2001

Eli Aviv, CFO, 20-years

Robert Kunihiro, CFO 20-years

Sylvie Le Bouthillier, CFO 11-years

Tracey Swain, CFO, 10-years

Stephen Slauenwhite, CFO 20-years

Gareth Nichols, CFO 15-years

100+ more fractional CFOs available for hire across Canada.


How The CFO Centre Saves You Time Engaging The Right Fractional CFO


You’re Busy Running Your Business

We’ll do the work. You’re too busy running your business to spend hours searching bios for CFOs with the right experience & availability, emailing back-and-forth, coordinating meetings, etc…

How It Works

01. Tell Us What You Want

First, let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll go directly to our team of 100+ CFOs. 

  • Industry
  • Skills
  • Challenges
  • What you’re aiming to accomplish

02. Shortlist CFOs

A financial expert  with decades of experience in business will hand-pick 1-3 of the best CFOs for your company from our team of 100+ vetted, high-calibre, fractional CFOs across Canada. 

03. Choose the CFO(s)

You choose the CFO(s) from our hand-picked shortlist and we’ll do the legwork of coordinating & scheduling meeting(s). 

04. Quick Start

Your new CFO can jump in and get to work in as early as 1 week, at your office or remotely. 

How We’re Different


Established in 2001: The Longest Standing CFO Services Firm

Established in 2001 in the United Kingdom and 2011 in Canada, the CFO Centre has helped scale more businesses, manage more cash, raise more money and sell more businesses than any other CFO services firm. 


Team vs. Individual

With The CFO Centre, you get a team of 100 high-calibre CFOs for the price of one part-time CFO. 

With the CFO Centre you get the collective know-how of decades of business experience from a team of 100+ CFOs, for the price of one senior CFO, at the fraction of the price of hiring someone full-time.



In addition to your fractional CFO, you also get the support of a Regional Director, a financial expert with decades of business experience, who will provide oversight, quality control and ensure your CFO is meeting your expectations. 



Sleep well knowing your CFO has a backup team ready to step in on short notice, ensuring your business runs smoothly without interruption, no matter what happens. 


Our Network Opens Doors

Our established relationships will open doors for you with lenders, distributors, international markets, etc… that may have been previously closed. 


A Professional Services Firm, Not A Recruiter

Which means:

  1. NO RECRUITING FEES: You will not pay tens of thousands in recruitment fees
  2. NO FIXED CONTRACT: You won’t be locked into a fixed contract or hit with a costly cancellation fee.
  3. FLEXIBLE TIME Rather than a fixed retainer, allowing you to scale time up or down depending on your needs.

How We Help

Improve Financial

“Our fractional CFO has benefited us as a business in every facet. ”

Tony Williams, Owner,
Williams Designer Homes

Expert Financial Leadership
Small Businesses Can Afford

“As a smaller business we could not afford a full-time CFO but needed this skill set inside our business to grow. “

Andrew McLaren-Taylor
Managing Director, Bathroom Butler

CFO’s Help Secure
Bank Funding

Banks often decline funding. Engaging a fractional CFO will dramatically increase your odds of securing bank funding,

Francis Leung, Owner
Ijen Enterprise Ltd.

Exit Your Business
with a CFO

“Increased focus on CFO-driven initiatives, ultimately resulting in a successful strategic exit/sale of the business.

Vince Costanza, Owner
Genesis Connected Solutions

Business Experience

“Our CFO’s international business experience in our global sector immediately gave the entire management a lot of peace of mind.”

Laurence Carels, Founder
CDM Stravitec

Increase Cash-Flow
Reduced Stress & Strain

“Our part-time CFO has hugely reduced the stress and strain in the business. He tightened up our controls so that we have a more robust finance function.”

Alistair Murray, Owner
Relocation Support Services

Recover From
Challenges & Setbacks

“Our fractional CFO helped us to identify our shortcomings and worked with us to implement changes to deliver robust processes allowing us to recover from challenging times.”

Peter Jackson, Owner

Exits, Succession Planning,
Mergers & Acquisitions

“I wasn’t sure how to prepare the business for sale, and ensure it was in the best possible shape for potential buyers.”

Julie Cook, owner (retired),
Acacia Learning

Helping Owners
Get Their Lives Back

“Mitch, our part-time CFO, plays a major role in the business running the company finances, but in reality, his role is much more all-encompassing. ”

Jonathan Quinn, Owner
Geckota Watches


Frequently Asked Questions


“Can you help us with regular, accurate reporting?”

Reporting is one of the 12 building blocks of a business built on a solid foundation for growth.

Our experts will lead your finance team in developing the reports you need to maximise the visibility of your key numbers, so you can make better, faster, more confident decisions.

  1. Define your goals
  2. Defining your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  3. Regular Reports: Simple, clear management information reports so you can see, at a glance, what’s working and what’s not.

“What are your fees?”

It depends on what you’re aiming to accomplish and how fast you’d like to accomplish it.

For accurate pricing, contact us, explain what you’re aiming to accomplish and we’ll suggest options that work within your budget.  

It’s worth a conversation to understand your options. We’re happy to make recommendations. 

If it turns out you’d be better suited for an accountant or controller, we’re happy to refer you to one of our trusted partners. 

“Can you improve my banking relationships?”

Yes. We’ve helped many owners improve their banking relationships since 2001:

  • Help clients get back on-side or stay on-side of your lending covenants. 
  • Securing financing. 
  • Help negotiate preferential rates and better terms.

“Do you have a CFO in my industry?”

Most likely. We have 100+ CFOs on our team, the largest CFO services firm in Canada, unless your company is an obscure niche, we have a CFO with the experience and skills you need to achieve the numbers that really matter to you. 

“Do you provide accountants or controllers?”

Although our CFOs are certified accountants with professional accounting designations and decades of business experience, we’re focused on providing fractional CFO services. 

If you’re unsure of what level of  financial services your company needs, it’s worth having a conversation with one of our expert CFO team members to find out where you stand, what your options are and get the advice you need to move forward in the right direction. 

We’re happy to provide complimentary advice and make recommendations and referrals to our trusted partners. 

“My finance person left suddenly. How soon can I engage a fractional CFO to fill in part-time?”

Our team has stepped in to supported dozens of owners who experienced a sudden departure of their key finance person.

As soon as we get a clear understanding of your needs, you can have an experienced CFO, with decades of business experience, step in and lead your finance department within a week. 

And you can sleep well knowing your new fractional CFO has the experience to lead, document their work and develop processes ensuring your business runs smoothly without interruption, no matter what happens in the future.  


More questions?

It’s worth having a conversation with one of our regional directors; a professional with decades of business experience. 

A confidential conversion with one of our expert CFO team will give you advice and clarity you need to move forward with confidence, without pressure and no obligation. 

  1. A conversation with an experienced CFO can help give you clarity on where you stand, what your options are and a clearer idea on what direction you might want to go.
  2. Network: If we don’t have the immediate answer to your question, we’ll tap into our extensive network and get the answer from someone who does.
  3. Sometimes, a company is not ready for a CFO and simply needs an experienced accountant or controller. In which case, we can make a recommendation to one of our trusted partners in our local, national and international network.


What Founders Say…

“In any great growth organization, you create a bar, and then just before you hit that bar you raise it. Having someone from the outside who has seen lots of different businesses, to provide some outside counsel is what we needed to raise that bar. This is what the CFO Centre provided us. At first, [our fractional CFO] was brought in to help us through cash flow challenges and arrange strategic meetings with key banks to develop the right partnership.

He quickly put a financial infrastructure in place that aligned with the financial needs of our business. [our fractional CFO] gets brought in for many different things, and we consider him an extension of our management team, providing ongoing strategic counsel. In order to keep business on track, you have to have the right people, and [our fractional CFO] was one of those.”

– Andrew Turner, CEO & Founder, Audability Inc.

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